Prophets, and Poets - appears on “Black Sheep Sun”. The song is autobiographical, coming from a place of deep introspection. When in college, one is often given personality tests to discover strengths and weaknesses. These can helpful to begin a conversation of self-discovery. The song lyric expresses three parts of my own personality;

The pirate is the entrepreneurial business guy that sees winning as his motivation. The title of “Pirate” can be seen as negative, but he is a fighter, contending for what is needed. Historically, pirates, unlike military ships, operated in a self-imposed democracy. They lived by a code and most of it (except the stealing and killing) was moral. Ironically, if our culture lived by the pirate’s code, we’d be more civilized than the subjective anarchy that’s sweeping the nation today.

A prophet’s / preacher’s job is the opposite of a pirate. He doesn’t go looking for fights, but they sure seem to come looking for him. Truth telling is not popular. In a post truth, politically correct world one seldom has a reason to be truthful unless you’re motivated by love. Edgar J. Mohn ~ said, “A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.” The Prophet is willing to tell the truth regardless of its outcome. Lying to take care of a present crisis has no good future, because the liar must then live within his lie. After a prophet proclaims truth, he can rest peacefully in his faithful proclamation.

The poet however, lives where experience and emotion converge into a conversation. Gone is the rigidity of reason, replaced by beauty, the admiration of struggle and honest reflection. The poet, unlike the pirate and prophet, is not committed to truth, or code but rather the emotion of life and its tumultuous journey. The song admits the inconsistency, but settles on the chorus; “What I am, I know I Am. What I Know, I Am I know.” A hidden message surfaces referring to Yahweh the Old Testament “I-Am” - The ever present self-existent one”. I believe the highest form of knowing one’s self is to seek to know the “I-Am”. Thus, What I am? I know. So, I seek a relationship with the I-Am.

Just a little “thoughtrock”.

David John Hensman

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