Eyes of Blue

Eyes of Blue,

In our interactions with each other, we often fail to look deep into each other’s eyes. I sometimes think we are afraid of what we’d see if we did, but maybe we are more afraid of what we might reveal.

One of Paul Carrack's best solo songs, “Eyes of Blue” is taken from his 1995 album, “Blue Views”. The song reached number 40 on the UK charts, but is more obscure here in America. It’s a sad song that draws the listener out from the shallow places into a deeper thoughtful reflection, at least it does for me. Some of the lyrics are; “I want to know how does it feel - Behind those eyes of blue - You've made your mistakes - And now your heart aches -Behind those eyes of blue - People may say you've had your chance - And let it slip away - But hard as they try - There's a dream that won't die - Behind those eyes of blue - Maybe once in a while -There's a trace of a smile - Behind those eyes of blue - But it's painfully clear - There's a river of tears -Behind those eyes of blue.”

Pain and sorrow are part of the human condition and the more you live, the more sorrow you experience. Having known my own deep sorrows, I find comfort in the authentic songs of sorrow, the Biblical laments, the blues, and the painful songs of human living. It’s not that I love misery, but rather I am warmed and comforted by the honesty of those songs.

Sometimes our sorrow has its origin in our losses, sometimes from the damage someone has inflicted upon our souls. There are other times where our sorrow is the knowledge of what we have inflicted on someone else. The chorus of the song, “Still Have Time” says; “I’m sorry for every tear I made fall down on your face. I’m sorry that my weakness needed so much of your grace…”

I hope I inspire you do be honest about your sorrow. The sorrow you have received and the sorrow you have given. Honesty is the first place where healing begins.

Just a little “thoughtrock”.

David John Hensman

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