David John Hensman

has been on an odyssey of intellectual curiosity, music, performance, business, faith and politics since he began seriously studying such matters at 17 years of age.

In his quest to bring solutions to the chaos of our modern times he currently continues in his mixed journey embracing; all the taboo subjects of our day.

One of his passions, is to see people reach the truth potential each individual is capable of, and to become aware of their potential to contribute hope to a divided culture. His third Album “Black Sheep Sun” is a collection of intellectually interesting songs that are expressions of struggle and honest questions. The songs are great conversation starters for those who are surfacing out of a life of chaos and misery into a new life of thought and truth.

He sites that he lives somewhere out near the badlands as a “pirate, a very reluctant prophet and quiet poet.”

Black Sheep Sun 2018
Somewhere near the boarder